Press Release 11.1.2017



The Maori theme of the Skábmagovat Film Festival gets strong support from a concert and a club night by Moana Maniapoto and her troupe in Inari, 27–28 January 2017.

”Moana-DUB” is a compelling new multimedia concept created especially for Skábmagovat. This intimate 70-min show at the cultural centre Sajos will fuse live music, film and storytelling from three gifted artists.

The concert will feature singer/songwriter Moana performing alongside the internationally renowned electronica musician/producer Paddy Free. Each song will be complemented by giant video projections from the awardwinning filmmaker Toby Mills. From the poignant to the political, MOANA-dub is a unique journey into the Māori world for the audience.

SkábmaFun at Hotel Kultahovi, in turn, offers the audience a 90-minute late night dance set ”Dub-CLUB”. During it, VJ Paddy Free turns up the heat on electronic beats, fusing, for example, Moana Maniapoto’s music.


MOANA MANIAPOTO is a Maori singer and song maker who was elected to the NZ Music Hall of Fame last autumn by the music industry of New Zealand. In 2004, she won the Grand Prize in the International Songwriting Competition, in which 11,000 composers participated.

Maniapoto has toured the world with her band, performing, for example, at the Riddu Riđđu Festival in Norway. She is now working on her sixth album, ONO, together with six other indigenous artists, maybe even with a Sámi participating.


PADDY FREE has made his international reputation as a multitalent and composer in the field of electronic music. He has contributed to the productions of bands and dance groups in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. He is also part of the multimedia duo Pitch Black.

Free has produced Moana & the Tribe’s album Rima and also toured the world with the band. He has recently released his solo album In Dub, which fuses his own compositions but also the music of several Maori artists.


TOBY MILLS is an awardwinning filmmaker, producer and actor, who records Maori stories – also as evidence for the historical claims the Maori make against the Government.

The documentary Guarding the Family Silver, which will also be screened in Inari, deals with immaterial rights and the improper use of Maori symbols, images and words in the global market – a common theme in Finland, too.  The set of short films called Māori Retrospective will also present the warrior fiction Te Po Uriuri / The Enveloping Night by Mills which is based on Shakespeare’s sonnet 147.


Further information:

Jorma Lehtola, Artistic Director, tel. +358 50 4144 349

Anne Kirste Aikio, Festival Director, tel. +358 40 7681 689

Sunna Nousuniemi, Secretary, tel. +358 40 9666 318

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