News release 28.1.2017



Documentarist Katja Gauriloff will be granted this year’s Skábmagovat Prize. Through the prize, the Friends of Sámi Art wants to spotlight Gauriloff’s work and skill as a filmmaker of documentaries.

Katja Gauriloff’s documentaries A Shout into the Wind, Canned Dreams and Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest have won prizes both in Finland and around the world. The films have also attracted a high number of viewers to festivals and film theatres. The most recent achievement is Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest’s nomination for the Finnish film award Jussi in two categories: sound design and documentaries. For the first time in Finland, a Sámi film is a candidate for a Jussi prize, the most prestigeous prize in Finnish cinema. The prize is greatly appreciated by filmmakers and was granted for the first time in 1944.

Katja Gauriloff’s work and films show great commitment to filmmaking. Gauriloff is a director but also a co-owner of the film production company Oktober, which has also produced and distributed Gauriloff’s films. There are not many filmmakers in Sápmi who would also produce their films through their own production companies.

In the autumn of 2016, the Skolt Sámi cultural association Saa´mi Nue´tt and the Skolt Sámi village meeting chose Katja Gauriloff as the Skolt Sámi of the Year. The film Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest has invigorated the Skolt Sámi community, strengthening its unity. With a sense of pride, the Skolt Sámi have followed how Katja Gauriloff has, through her film, spotlighted the special friendship between Kaisa Taisia Gauriloff and Robert Crottet and its meaning for the Skolt Sámi.

The Skábmagovat Prize has earlier been granted to Johs. Kalvemo, Nils Gaup, Sverre Porsanger, Liisa Holmberg, Oula Näkkäläjärvi and Inger-Mari Aikio. The 2017 Skábmagovat Prize will be given to Katja Gauriloff at the screening of Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest in Sajos on Saturday, 28 January 2017, at 4 p.m.


The Skábmagovat Festival is part of the Finland 100 events that celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence.


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