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Film Festival is arranged for the 20th time in Inari, Finland, in January 2018. Indigenous fight and activism will also play their role in the programme of the anniversary year.

– The first film directed and produced by North American indigenous nations, Chris Eyre’s Smoke Signals, also has its 20th anniversary. A common anniversary year is a good moment to see and find out what has happened in the field in these twenty years, says Jorma Lehtola, the artistic director of Skábmagovat.

From Standing Rock to the River Teno

One of the themes of the 2018 Skábmagovat will be the fight of indigenous nations. The festival will show films dealing with resistance in Standing Rock in the USA, in Inuit areas in Canada and on the River Teno in Utsjoki.

– It’s obvious that indigenous peoples are raising their voices. In Standing Rock, they fight against an oil pipe, while Angry Inuk by Inuk Director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril is a film that gives a fresh lecture on the distorted animal protection of Western organisations.

A year of success

The recent success of films made by Sámi gives a special air to the anniversary of Skábmagovat. Katja Gauriloff’s Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest won a Finnish Jussi Prize, and Amanda Kernell’s film Sami Blood is a candidate for both the Nordic Council Film Award and the European Parliament Lux Prize.

In other repsects, too, indigenous cinema is flourishing. The epic Atanarjuat – The Fast Runner (2001) by Inuk Director Zacharias Kunuk was recently chosen the best Canadian film ever, and Maori Director Taika Waititi is making Hollywood productions.

The 20th Skábmagovat Film Festival will take place in Inari 25–29 January 2018.

Film makers can suggest films for screening at Skábmagovat until 10 November 2017. The submission form can be found on the website

The festival continues to have Jorma Lehtola as its Artistic Director. Practical matters are attended to by Executive Director Sunna Nousuniemi and Producer Aleksi Ahlakorpi.

The Skábmagovat Film Festival is arranged by the Friends of Sámi Art in cooperation with the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida, the Cultural Centre Sajos, the Indigenous Film Centre Skábma, the Sámi Education Institute, YLE Sápmi and the International Sámi Film Institute.

Further information:
Jorma Lehtola, Artistic Director,, tel. +358 50 4144 349
Sunna Nousuniemi, Executive Director,, tel. +358 40 9666 318
Aleksi Ahlakorpi, Producer,, tel. +358 40 1737 150

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