Press release 10.11.2017


Skábmagovat Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival celebrates its 20th annual festival in January 2018 by granting two film awards at the festival in Inari, Finland. The festival has two film award categories: Best Sámi short film and Best Global Indigenous short film. The award winners will be selected by an international film jury, the jury members will be announced later. Rules for the film competition: the short film maximum length is 15 minutes and film team has to come from a Sámi or Indigenous background.

The film awards are funded by Skábmagovat collaboration partner and financier International Sámi Film Institute, which supports the development and production of Sámi films and promotes Indigenous films and cooperation between Indigenous film workers at a global level. By granting two short film awards Skábmagovat and International Sámi Film Institute want to strengthen Sámi and Indigenous short film production and highlight the powerful storytelling in short films.

Today Friday the 10th is the last day to submit films for Skábmagovat 2018 programme, submissions can be sent at through the submission form. The deadline for submitting short films for the film competition is November 19th.

In 2018 Skábmagovat spotlights Indigenous cinema from North America.  One of the themes of the 2018 Skábmagovat will be the activism of Indigenous nations. The festival will show films dealing with native resistance in Standing Rock in the USA, in Inuit areas in Canada and on the River Teno in Utsjoki.

Further information:
Jorma Lehtola, Artistic Director,, tel. +358 50 4144 349
Sunna Nousuniemi, Executive Director,, tel. +358 40 9666 318
Aleksi Ahlakorpi, Producer,, tel. +358 40 1737 150

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