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Sápmi – The Way of Being

Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 13′

Director: Arttu Nieminen

Producer: Joonas Saari / Sámediggi, Dead Standing Tree Films

Languages: Sámi; subt. English

An experimental, cultural-anthropological trip into nature in Sápmi and the culture that lives in harmony with it.



Nuoraid jietna / The Voice of Sámi Youth

Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 10′

Director: Lada Suomenrinne

Screenwriter: Lada Suomenrinne, Niki Rasmus

Languages: North, Inari and Skolt Sámi, Finnish, English; subt. English

Through their own words, young people tell about being Sámi.




Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 12′

Director/Screenwriter: Aleksi Ahlakorpi

Producer: International Sámi Film Institute ISFI, Sogsakk

Languages: North Sámi, Finnish; subt. English

World premiere

The boundaries of what is appropriate are challenged when men go out drinking – but at a cost.



Morit Elena Morit / Wake Up Elena Wake Up

Sápmi/Sweden, 2017, 5′

Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Inga-Wiktoria Påve, Anders Sunna

Languages: North Sámi; subt. English

Finnish premiere

An awarded animation shows how colonialisation has sneaked upon the Saami people and gives other young Saami a shout out to wake up and rebuild their connection to Nature and traditions.



Nieiddaš ja guollečikŋa (Girl with a Fish Necklace)

Sápmi/Norway, 2017, 13′

Director/Screenwriter: Egil Pedersen

Producer: Mathis Ståle Mathisen, Rein Film AS

Languages: North Sámi; subt. English

Finnish premiere

A young girl worships and misses her deceased father. A coincidental meeting at the market makes a crack in her feelings.



Deanu olggobealde

Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 3′

Director/Producer: Lada Suomenrinne

Languages: No dialogue

After travelling for years, the protagonist returns to Teno with a more open mind.



Eatnanvuloš lottit / Birds in the Earth

Sápmi/Finland, 2018, 10′

Director/Screenwriter: Marja Helander

Languages: No dialogue; subt. North Sámi, English

Sámi ballet dancers Birit and Katja Haarla dance through the villages and lost woods of Sápmi all the way to where the important decisions are made. The polarity of Nature and the Western way of life is filtered through sharp humour.



Boom Boom

Sápmi/Sweden, Norway, 2018, 17′

Director/Screenwriter: Per Josef Idivuoma

Producer: Oskar Njajta Östergren, Mathis Ståle Mathisen, Per Josef Idivuoma

Languages: North Sámi, English, Swedish; subt. English

Year 1944. Germans have invaded Norway. When assisting the resistance, Sámi face an unexpected problem: the bridge that they are supposed to explode is guarded by their fellow citizen: a Sámi in a Natzi uniform.


Sálbma press

Sálbma / Virsi

Sápmi/Finland, 2017, 6′

Director: Katja Gauriloff

Producer: Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman

Languages: North Sámi

World premiere

National borders cut through Sápmi and there are differences in the Sámi languages, styles of clothing and musical traditions. Despite the differences, the Sámi sing the same melody.

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