RERUN: 28.1.2018 12:00 SIIDA



ᎤᎧᏖᎾᎠᎴᎠᏴᏓᏆᎶᏍᎩ / Uktena and Thunder

USA, 2017, 9′, animation

Director/Producer: Joseph Erb (Cherokee)

Languages: Cherokee; subt. English

Nordic premiere

A long time ago, two boys fed a small starving snake, making friends with it. The snake has grown into a huge Uktena that fights against Thunder in an old Cherokee story.



In the Beginning was Water and Sky

USA/Canada, 2017, 13′

Director: Ryan Ward (Métis)

Languages: English, Anishinaabemowin; subt. English

Nordic premiere

A Chippewa boy runs away from a boarding school in the 1950s and a boy from his village in the 1700s. A haunting and visually stunning fairytale that blends fantasy and real-life historical events about colonisation and Indian Boarding Schools in the United States.



Captivity Narrative

USA, 2017, 11′

Director/Screenwriter: Jason Asanap (Comanche/Creek)

Producer: Blackhorse Lowe (Navajo)

Languages: English

European premiere

From his mates’ odd responses, a man concludes that he has a look-alike and begins to look for him in the city.




USA, 2017, 10′

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Razelle Benally (Lakota/Diné)

Languages: English

A woman who has lost her little daughter is walking in a dim forest. A dreamlike encounter deep in the woods shows her that life is worth living after all.




USA, 2017, 15′

Director/Screenwriter: Jesse Littlebird (Pueblo)

Languages: English, Keres; subt. English

European premiere

Junior, a mixed-blood indigenous boy, loves to run and takes solace in his instinctive running to get away from his dysfunctional alcoholic home. Junior encounters his distanced citified Uncle, Wes, and they share a timely reconnection of respect for their Native lineage, culture and language. Then Junior comes to a crossroads.



Metal Road

USA, 2017, 27′

Director/Screenwriter: Sarah Del Seronde (Navajo)

Languages: Navajo, English; subt. English

European premiere

Thousands of Navajos work the railway that was once built across their lands. The film explores the dynamics of livelihood, family and the railways on one work day through the lens of a Diné trackman.


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