(c) Anders Nydam

(c) Anders Nydam


The short films on love and identity by Amanda Kernell, the director of Sámi Blood, have struck a chord with the international audience.



Måsø – Gos leat don?

Sápmi/Norway, 2017, 8′

Director: Egil Pedersen

Languages: Sámi

In a video by the band Måsø, a young girl discovers a way of dealing with the disturbing secrets about her family.



Det kommer aldrig att gå över / This Means Forever

Sápmi/Sweden, 2010, 13′

Director: Amanda Kernell

Languages: Swedish; subt. English

Philip, the first love of the 14-year-old Frida, is about to graduate from school and plans to leave town. Before that, Frida wants to tell him something important.



Paradiset / Eutopia

Sápmi/Sweden, 2014, 19′

Director: Amanda Kernell

Languages: Swedish; subt. English

Adira and Farid, two refugee children, are hiding in Northern Sweden. In fear of being revealed, they only play with each other. Farid has turned into a timid, quiet child, but Adira is a Ninja warrior.



Stoerre vaerie / Northern Great Mountain

Sápmi/Sweden, 2015, 15′

Director: Amanda Kernell

Languages: Swedish; subt. English

Elle, 78, does not like the Sámi though she grew up in Lapland. She insists that she is Swedish and comes from the south. The funeral of her sister forces her to face deep questions in the framework story of the film Sámi Blood.



I Will Always Love You, Kingen

Sápmi/Sweden, 2017, 30′

Director: Amanda Kernell

Languages: Swedish; subt. English

Conny, 20, is wandering in the freezing cold without a place for the night. People seem to have turned their backs on him after he panicked and left his girlfriend – who was about to give birth – at the hospital door. The adolescent must decide what he really wants.

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