NEWS RELEASE 25 Sept. 2018

Skábmagovat celebrates its anniversary by spotlighting Arctic Film

The indigenous film festival Skábmagovat will be held for the 21st time in Inari, Finland, 24–27 January 2019, with the focus on the cinema of Arctic indigenous peoples. As its visiting Program Curator, the Skábmagovat Film Festival will have Producer Sardana Savvina, who comes from the Republic of Sakha. She will offer the audience of Skábmagovat the best indigenous films produced in Russia.

– In January, the Skábmagovat Festival has two good reasons to celebrate: the festival has its 20th anniversary, and cooperation between the Arctic indigenous peoples is more intensive than ever, says Jorma Lehtola, the Artistic Director of the festival, with content. He continues:

– The Arctic Indigenous Film Fund (AIFF) launched by the International Sámi Film Institute ISFI will further strengthen the film production of northern peoples.

Zacharias Kunuk, the leading figure of Inuit Film, participated as an executive producer in the production of the first Haida-language feature film, Edge of the Knife (2018). Haida is an endangered language, which was spoken only by fourteen people in 2014. Furthermore, the newest film project of the International Sámi Film Institute, Arctic Chills – a series of Arctic horror films – has reached the pre-production stage.

Skábmagovat is the oldest Sámi film festival and one of the oldest indigenous film festivals. During its anniversary year, Skábmagovat wants to offer the public increasingly varied art experiences, emphasizing the significance of dialogue and solidarity between Arctic peoples.

Films can be submitted to the 2019 Skábmagovat Festival until 10 Nov. 2018 at

More information on the program is provided by Jorma Lehtola, Artistic Director, tel.  +358 50 414 4349,


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