Tama tu


Visual points of view on slavery, war, migration and the feeling of being left outside. 


Tama Tū 

Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2004, 17’

Director: Taika Waititi

Language: no dialogue

Six Maori soldiers camped in Italian ruins entertain each other in the quiet of the night by joking, until it’s time to go back to the battlefield. Not too much talking in this award-winning film.


Night Shift

Aotearoa, 2013, 14’

Director: Zia Mandviwalla

Producer: Chelsea Winstanley, Matt Noonan

An airport cleaner starts another long night shift, gleaning her survival from what others leave behind. Usually, no-one pays attention to her…  


Woman Without Mandolin

Brazil, 2015, 5’

Director: Fabiano Mixo

Language: no dialogue

Modifying Picasso’s famous work of art, the director comments on the colonialistic eye of European visual art in this award-winning short film.


Loup Garou / Werewolf  

Canada, 2016, 5’

Director: Matthew Vachon

Languages: French; subt. English

Backed by Clayton Michel’s remarkable interpretation, Loup Garou is a portrait of a man haunted by inner demons that also seem to manifest themselves outside.

European premiere



Australia, 2015, 13’

Director: Amie Batalibasi

Languages: English; subt. English

Two Solomon Islander siblings have been kidnapped to work as slaves on a sugar cane plantation in Australia in the late 1800s. Their severe loss makes them increasingly long for their home and freedom.

European premiere


Mannahatta / Manhattan 

Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2016, 15’

Director: Renae Maihi

Languages: English

An elegant, black-and-white story about an Italian immigrant who tries to find his place in New York, by an award-winning Maori director. When the protagonist meets an ancient Native spirit, he realises that his fight is part of a much larger story and, above all, the land under his feet.



Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2014, 15’

Director/Screenwriter: Nikki Si’ulepa

Languages: English

A Samoan grandmother tries to deal with her greatest fear, loneliness. Under a strong and hard shell, we find an old woman who tries to cope in a world that has almost forgotten her.


A Big Black Space

Canada, 2015, 9’

Director: Alexandra Lazarowich

Languages: English

One night reveals a culture of violence when a Native American woman narrowly escapes sexual assault. This award-winning film, based on a true story, reminds us of how the hypersexualization of Native women, or the ”Pocahontas fantasy”, can be truly problematic for actual Native women.

Nordic premiere  


Susto / Fear USA, 2016, 8’

Director: Pearl Salas

Languages: English

When a ghostly monster, Coco Man, who usually haunts children, continues to grab an adult woman, a medicine woman tells the woman to confront her fears. However, the truth turns out to be even more frightening than the imaginary monster.

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