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Mrs and Mrs Sarri (2006)

Nina and Anna-Ida are young musicians who have grown up on the same lake. They fall in love with each other, and, in the spring of 2005, they marry in the church of Jukkasjärvi. "I never thought that one could fall in love in one day. I believed that love would grow from a long friendship."

Index Terms: Gender roles, Immediate family

Other names:Fru och fru Sarri
Director:Lisbeth Blind
Genre:Short film
Producer:Sámi Kompania AB
Location of premiere:SVT2 Sverige 28 minuter
Actors:Nina Sarri-Vahlberg
Anna-Ida Sarri
Other filmmakers:John Erling Utsi - Photography
Lisbeth Blind - Producer, photography
Alma Linder - Photography
Yva Fabricius - Editing
Nina Sarri-Vahlberg - Music