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Suvi West

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Suvi West (born January 14, 1982, Kittilä) is a Sámi director, screenwriter, and television personality.

In 2021, West directed the documentary film “Eatnameamet – Hiljainen taistelumme” (Our Silent Struggle), which explores the Finnish government’s Sámi policy and the Sámi people’s fight for their culture. The film gives voice to the Sámi people. West was awarded the State Prize for Public Information in 2022 for the documentary. In 2023, the Finnish Film Directors’ Guild (SELO) selected her as the Director of the Year for her film “Máhccan – Kotiinpaluu” (Máhccan – Homecoming), which tells the story of the repatriation of Sámi artifacts.

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