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Skábmagovat 2024

The Past and the Future of the Arctic

Sápmi/Suopma 2023
Ovddit festiválaid prográmma

The film will explore the few positives, and many negative aspects of the warming. Film will be viewed through the eyes of a passionate fisherman, fishing tourism entrepreneur, reindeer herder and children’s perspective who have only lived in the era of warming. Film will compare 50–100 years old film and picture footage with modern footage taken from the same places as the old footage. This will show the speed of the change in the arctic nature to viewers in a concrete way, and the footage will be commented on by old people who have lived through this period of time.

Bagadalli Hans Pieski (sápmelaš)
Bistin 6 min
Ahkerádjá S
Almmustahttinjahki 2023
Riika Sápmi/Suopma

Hans Pieski