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Dokumeanta ealgabivddus / Document about traditional moose hunting

Sápmi/Finland 2021
No screenings. Part of previous festival's programme.

Niilo Aikio talks about traditional moose hunting in Utsjoki The documentary was produced as part of the community-based ‘Dialogues and Encounters in the Arctic’ project involving both Sámi and Finnish partners, including the Sámi Education Institute and the universities of Lapland and Umeå.

Director Ailu Valle (Sámi)Mikkâl Morottaja (Sámi)
Producer Dialogues and Encounters in the Arctic -project
Running time 9 min
Rating G
Language North saami
Subtitles English
Year 2021
Country Sápmi/Finland

Ailu Valle


Mikkâl Morottaja