Indigenous peoples’ film festival


Inari, Aanaar, Lapland, Finland

Skábmagovat – Reflections of Endless Night


Every January in Inari, 320 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the Skábmagovat Film Festival comes alive. It’s an international and communal event that brings people together to celebrate our wealth of cultural heritage.

Two Sámi in front of a screen made of snow.

World’s Coolest Film Festival

Snow theatre

The pride and joy of the festival is the legendary Snow Theatre, where you can watch films in a theatre built of snow, with only the sky and stars above you.

A Versatile Event

Much more than movies

The festival showcases indigenous art in various forms. The programme includes short films, documentaries and feature films that tell stories and offer insights into the world as told by indigenous peoples themselves.

You can also participate in interesting seminars and side programmes or immerse yourself in Sámi music at the Skábma Club.

Three people wearing VR goggles.
Indigenous peoples together.

International cooperation


The Skábmagovat Film Festival aims to strengthen cooperation, cohesion and dialogue among indigenous peoples. Films are the greatest way to share information, emotions, worldviews, attitudes, challenges and snapshots of time between cultures.

Since 1999

Festival history

The idea for the Skábmagovat Film Festival began to form in the late 1990s. It was then that people started to think of ways to bring light through cultural means to the polar night that encompasses Inari every winter.

As Inari is one of the most central places in Sápmi, the idea of a Sámi film festival was a natural one. It later expanded into indigenous cinema in general.

The basis for the film festival was for the perspectives of the films to represent indigenous peoples. The only exception to this were the occasional archive screenings, which provided a historical perspective on the portrayal of indigenous peoples. Patrons of the festival have included the spouses of Finnish presidents, Dr Pentti Arajärvi and Mrs Jenni Haukio.

significant years

  • 1999 First Skábmagovat Film Festival
  • 2007 Lapland Art Prize
  • 2012 State Prize
  • 2018 Helmi award of Pohjolan Osuuspankki
  • 2020 First online Skábmagovat Film Festival
The Artistic Director runs the show.


The main organisers of the Skábmagovat Film Festival are the Friends of Sámi Art association and the Indigenous Peoples’ Film Centre Skábma.

Anne Kirste Aikion kuva.

chairperson of Saamelaistaiteen tukiyhdistys

Anne Kirste Aikio

Jorma Lehtolan kuva

Artistic Director

Jorma Lehtola


Taru Arrela
Tiina Aikio kuva.

project planner, Indigenous Peoples’ Film Centre Skábma

Tarja Porsanger

associate producer

Tiina Aikio
Skábmagovat default image

project worker for DISK

Rauno Koivunen

Partners 2024


Kone Foundation
Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö
SES the Finnish Film Foundation
Taiteen edistämiskeskus
Municipality of Inari
Wihurin Säätiö
International Sami Film Institute


Wilderness Hotels
Hotel Ivalo
Sodankylä Municipality


Yle Sápmi
Inari Kulttuuritoimi