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Skábmagovat – the Indigenous Film Festival once again brought together film and arts enthusiasts to Inari to celebrate cultural richness

The Indigenous Film Festival Skábmagovat was held again in Inari from January 25th to 28th, 2024. The attendance figures for the festival held on-site warmed the organizers’ hearts, as the numbers gradually climbed back towards pre-pandemic levels. Approximately 3600 visitors attended the Skábmagovat events in Inari, and additionally, the online festival garnered 3800 views. Altogether, Skábmagovat reached a total of 7400 viewers – a figure indicating significant interest from the audience in Indigenous film art and Sámi culture, which are becoming increasingly prominent year by year. There were over 30 film screenings, with the most popular being traditionally Sámi screenings. …
Lumiteatteri kuvattuna ilmasta.

Skábmagovat 2024

Skábmagovat indigenous film festival – 25-28 January 2024 – Inari / Sami / Finland Skábmagovat will take place again in January, in the blue light of Kaamos – Endless Night. Skábmagovat is the world’s northernmost indigenous film festival, an international event that opens the Sámi and the world of other indigenous film narratives. The program shows short films, documentaries and feature films that tell stories and views of the worldas told by the indigenous people themselves. Movies are shown in three different screening locations, one of which is the legendary Snow Theater, which is built entirely of snow – even …