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Skábmagovat 2024

Máhccan / Kotiinpaluu

Sápmi/Finland 2023
No screenings. Part of previous festival's programme.

In recent years, museums around the world have begun to reflect on their colonial legacy and whether items taken from indigenous peoples should be returned. The National Museum of Finland led the way in repatriation by returning more than 2,000 items taken from the Sámi to the Sámi Museum Siida. Many items still remain out there, hidden in the dusty basements of various museums. A journey around Europe in search of these items is also a journey into the traumatic past of the Sámi and the mounds of unresolved grief. Director in attendance.

Director Anssi KömiSuvi West (Sámi)
Running time 75 min
Rating G
Language North saami, finnish, english
Subtitles English
Year 2023
Country Sápmi/Finland

Anssi Kömi


Suvi West