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Skábmagovat 2024
Children Premiere

Kivikylä / Stone village

Sápmi/Norway 2023
No screenings. Part of previous festival's programme.

A ghost is standing outside his cave on a spring morning when a Star Boy from a distant star plummets into a nearby valley. A joyful summer together lies ahead, but also a sad parting as Star Boy must return to the sky when the sun disappears and the polar night begins. The quite funny-sounding Kven is a language closely related to Finnish and spoken in Norway.

Director Kathrine Ulstein Johansen (Sámi)
Writer Kathrine Ulstein Johansen (Sámi)
Producer Siivet AS / Anstein Mikkelsen
Running time 26 min
Rating G
Language Kven, Norwegian
Subtitles English
Year 2023
Country Sápmi/Norway