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Skábmagovat 2024

Techno Áhčči / Techno Father

Sápmi/Germany 2023
No screenings. Part of previous festival's programme.
Tanssivia ihmisiä yökerhossa.

Two Sámi girls end up in a club in Berlin and meet people wildly different from themselves. Lost in the DJ’s heavy rhythms, they’re transported back to Sápmi, to the warmth of the midnight sun and the diffuse sounds of joik. Throughout the night, the girls experience the joy of being part of a community and meeting people they would otherwise never have met – and throwing themselves wholeheartedly into it. Finnish premiere

Director Elisabeth Rasmussen (Sámi)
Writer Markus Johnsen Thonhaugen, Elisabeth Rasmussen (Sámi)
Running time 6 min
Rating G
Language North saami
Subtitles English
Year 2023
Country Sápmi/Germany