chairperson of Saamelaistaiteen tukiyhdistys

Anne Kirste Aikio

Anne Kirste Aikion kuva.

Bures, I’m Anne Kirste Aikio. I’m the chairperson of Saamelaistaiteen tukiyhdistys, which organises the festival in cooperation with our partners. I think the Skábmagovat Film Festival is the best and most wonderful Sámi film festival in the world. Welcome to the 2024 festival both in Inari and online!

Jorma Lehtolan kuva

Artistic Director

Jorma Lehtola

Film programme, film curation, spokesperson


Taru Arrela

Administration, side programme, partnerships, professionals, guests, media
Tiina Aikio kuva.

project planner, Indigenous Peoples’ Film Centre Skábma

Tarja Porsanger

Children and youth day, film curation, spokesperson

associate producer

Tiina Aikio

festival info, logistics, ticket sales, social media & marketing
Skábmagovat default image

project worker for DISK

Rauno Koivunen

IT support, digital services, photography