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Skábmagovat 2024

Skábmagovat 2024

Skábmagovat indigenous film festival – 25-28 January 2024 – Inari / Sami / Finland

Skábmagovat will take place again in January, in the blue light of Kaamos – Endless Night. Skábmagovat is the world’s northernmost indigenous film festival, an international event that opens the Sámi and the world of other indigenous film narratives.

The program shows short films, documentaries and feature films that tell stories and views of the world
as told by the indigenous people themselves. Movies are shown in three different screening locations, one of which is the legendary Snow Theater, which is built entirely of snow – even a movie screen!

At the festival, the public can participate in interesting seminars, side events and enjoy Sámi music at the Skábmaclub.

Skábmagovat brings people together to celebrate cultural richness. The event combines art and community in a unique way and is a special event for all lovers of culture and cinema.

In 2024, we will see a high-quality, diverse and emotionally impactful program of Indigenous films – one that you rarely get to enjoy in other arenas.

WHAT: Skábmagovat – indigenous film festival 25-28 January 2024
WHERE: In the village of Inari – the cultural center in Sajos, the Sámi museum in Siida and the Snow Theater built from snow
WHY: New encounters are enriching, culture belongs to everyone and everyone should also see and hear the stories of indigenous peoples. Let’s experience and enjoy together!

The program will be published in December 2023 and the start of ticket sales will be announced later.